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If your situation has changed – and whose hasn’t? – Settlement Giant wants to help you figure out how to meet your more pressing needs. Let us be your one constant, working diligently to help you obtain funds more immediately to meet needs like:

  • Preventing foreclosure of and/or eviction from family residence.
  • Municipal, state and federal tax liens and judgments that impact employability and credit decisions.
  • Need for reliable transportation to new or continuing employment.
  • Mounting high‐interest debt that negatively affects quality of life and creditworthiness.
  • Significant medical expenses, particularly those separate from the original claim.
  • Legal expenses to resolve marital, custodial, and other matters.
  • Business and investment opportunities requiring liquidity to be eligible.

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Short term, long term, (always) on your terms.

Settlement Giant will help you meet your short-term financial needs while staying mindful of your long-term well-being. Because our process is easy to understand and complete, you can expect a faster, more efficient transaction. Should you need additional help, we’re always here for you – even if it means waking us up in the middle of the night.

Your best interests are in our interest.

One solution doesn’t fit all. To craft a better solution, we familiarize ourselves with you and your situation and then make suggestions.

Fair enough, isn’t fair enough.


We offer solutions based on discount rates and revenue that are lower than the industry average.


We’ll show you our expected revenue, in writing.


We’re not interested in buying your future. We want to help you find better structure with your structured settlement and other payment streams so you can meet your current needs, without compromising your future well-being.

Real fairness means assessing individual situations. We’ll recommend you try other ways to meet your needs if selling your payments isn’t the sensible option.