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Our Principles

We Work with People First, Numbers Second

It’s not about making any offer as fast as we can calculate one.

It’s about working with you to design a realistic solution based on your needs, your family and your situation.

Be Fair, Not Greedy or Reckless

Making money in business doesn’t require stepping on people’s backs when they are down.

We think payment buyers too often engage in underhanded practices, making lowball offers that increase only after someone else offers more. Our goal is to design a comprehensive solution for you that others won’t match.

Have Brains, Will Use

When you work with us, our team doesn’t say “that’s not our job”. It is our job to work with you hands‐on to help you improve your finances, your situation, and your life. Over our collective years of experience, we’ve seen and heard of practically every situation you can imagine.

That means our greatest resource is our resourcefulness. And we put that to work for you. If we think something makes sense, we’ll act; if we don’t think it makes sense, we’ll tell you why in the simplest terms.

Simplicity Without Sacrificing Quality

The process is regimented and regulated, which means it takes time and cooperation from others to correctly complete. How quickly others act is sometimes beyond our control.

To make it manageable, our paperwork and our process is easy to understand and easy to complete, making for a faster, more efficient, smoother transaction.

Listen & Understand

There are numerous reasons to call us for help: Situations that cause sleepless nights, that can cost you your home, your loved ones, your livelihood, your freedom; situations that can be solved or eased with more immediate financial resources.

But selling payments to take a vacation, buy a higher end car, or pay off lower interest debt, are not. No one should persuade you to sell payments if this is the case.

Live for Today and Plan for Tomorrow

Most people do not – and should not – sell all of their remaining payments to meet only their immediate needs.

That’s why we design solutions with both your present and your future needs in mind.

Don’t be left wondering

We’ll share one of the industry’s biggest secrets, something the competition won’t tell you: the projected revenue from buying your payments at the price you’re paid, so you’re not left wondering if someone makes more from you, than they’ve paid to you.

Barnyard Pig + Lipstick = Still a Pig

When you need to convert future payments into more immediate liquidity, you need a genuinely sensible solution based on your circumstances, not gimmicks. That’s why we don’t promote cash advances, “closing bonus” giveaways and we don’t offer token gift cards requiring personal information that lead to endless sales calls and junk mail.

The money it costs the competition to run those promotions comes from somewhere. That somewhere is your bottom line.

Our bottom line is that we offer practical solutions designed to help you meet your emerging needs. We’d prefer you to have tens of thousands of dollars more rather than a flat screen TV from a company offering you less than you deserve.

Manure’s for Fertilizer, Not Explanations

No one should try to fool you into thinking the process of finding your best solution will be instantaneous, like a 4‐course gourmet meal can be yours at microwave oven-speed.

We explain the process and work diligently on your behalf, staying in contact with you and available to you. That’s how we earn & keep your respect.

Experience Means Nothing If It’s Not Put to Good Use

Other companies will try to equate their years in operation to the quality of their experience. But that doesn’t make their practices reputable, relevant or right for you.

What makes us different is what we do with our experience and knowledge. We’ve worked for and with a number of the others. We’ve seen what makes sense, figured out what doesn’t, and know what needs to change.

We can, and we have.
 That’s why there’s Settlement Giant.