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When it comes to buying structured settlement payments, there’s the right way and there’s all the other ways.

We don’t like the industry standards, so we’ve changed them. We offer a better, easier, faster, and more transparent way to sooner realize the value you need from your structured settlement and other future payments. We’ll show you our expected revenue and provide relevant consumer disclosures exceeding what’s required by law, because we do things in ways others simply won’t.

We develop a realistic and personalized solution, based on your situation, not just the most money, as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Honest, trustworthy, open, and fair. It’s the Settlement Giant way.

We never conceal our fees, suggest you sell more payments than necessary, bait and switch, nor compromise your financial future by telling you something we think you want to hear.

You have the needs. We have solutions.

And once your transaction with us closes, we can continue to help. Whether that means aiding in vehicle and property purchases, debt resolution, or investment opportunities, we’ll help with whatever financial goals matter to you.

Fair enough, isn’t fair enough.


We offer solutions based on discount rates and revenue that are lower than the industry average.


We’ll show you our expected revenue, in writing.


We’re not interested in buying your future. We want to help you find better structure with your structured settlement and other payment streams so you can meet your current needs, without compromising your future well-being.

Real fairness means assessing individual situations. We’ll recommend you try other ways to meet your needs if selling your payments isn’t the sensible option.

Life may be complicated, but our process isn’t.


We learn about you, your needs, and your payment stream.


We make you an offer others won’t match: a Settlement Giant offer.


Once you agree to proceed we send you our contract package and necessary disclosures.


After you return your signed contract, we work with you to obtain any additional documentation.

Approval Process

We file for court review and approval of your proposed transaction.


After the necessary approvals and clearances, we close and fund your transaction.